The average Portlander will pay just a few dollars a month. Together, that investment keeps our streets well-maintained and safer for people driving, biking, walking, and riding transit.

Just like maintaining a home or a car, basic maintenance of streets is much less expensive than ignoring problems until things completely break down. Renewing the gas tax will help Portland invest in lower cost maintenance projects rather than being stuck with large bills to replace worn-out streets.

$25 million for paving, with a focus on preventative maintenance and repairs of busy and neighborhood streets—projects that are less expensive now, and save taxpayers money in the long run. 

Priority busy streets:

  • N Ida Avenue (Lombard to Smith)
  • NE 138th Place (Halsey to Sacramento)
  • NE Killingsworth Street (60th to Portland Highway)
  • SE 122nd Avenue (Steele to Foster)
  • SE 162nd Avenue (Division to Powell)
  • SE Washington Street (102nd to 108th)
  • SW 45th Avenue (Flower to Vermont)
  • SW Bertha Boulevard (Beaverton Hillsdale Highway to Vermont)

Priority neighborhood streets: 

  • N Houghton Street (Dana to Haven)
  • N Tillamook Street (Flint to Williams)
  • NE Alberta Street (Cully to 72nd)
  • NW Flanders Street (16th to Westover)
  • NW Pettygrove Street (19th to 25th)
  • SE 87th Avenue (Holgate to Rural)
  • SE Bush Street (99th to 112th)

$13 million for repairs responsive to community maintenance requests, including:

  • $5 million to fund a dedicated, year-round pothole crew
  • $4 million for gravel street maintenance
  • $4 million for repair sections of failing streets (base repair)

$12 million for basic safety improvements that create safer intersections, reduce vehicle speeds on cut-through routes, retrofit existing Neighborhood Greenways, and make additional safety enhancements to existing projects.

Investments include:

  • $2M for speed reduction on cut-through routes
  • $4M for additional safety enhancements
  • $2.5M for Neighborhood Greenway retrofits
  • $2M for safer intersections
  • $1.5M for Neighborhood Safety Improvements, including Northwest in Motion, North Portland in Motion, and Southwest in Motion

$6 million for Safe Routes to Schools projects, creating better and safer access to schools for all students and families. Projects include school crossing improvements, paths and missing connections to school grounds, filling sidewalk gaps on priority residential streets, and connecting schools to the existing network of bike routes.

Projects are planned in every Portland school district:

  • Centennial: sidewalk infill on NE 174th Avenue
  • David Douglas: sidewalk infill on SE Bush Street
  • Parkrose: sidewalk infill on NE Shaver Street
  • Portland Public: improved signage and markings, as well as ADA ramps at NE 74th and Sandy, NE Buffalo and Martin Luther King Jr, SE 14th and Bybee, and on SW Vista
  • Reynolds: enhanced crossing at NE 148th Avenue and Sacramento Street

$4.5 million is included for sidewalks and other walkways, providing safety, mobility, and access to businesses, transit, schools, and other daily destinations.

Priority locations include:

  • NE 42nd Avenue (Killingsworth to Holman)
  • NE Glisan Street (east of 122nd)
  • SE Mill Street (135th to 139th)
  • SE Washington Street (80th to 82nd)
  • SW Multnomah Boulevard (37th to 40th)

$4.5 million for street lighting, improving visibility for everyone—particularly on High Crash Network streets, where 57% of serious injury crashes and fatalities occur. 

Priority locations include:

  • NE Glisan Street (102nd to 162nd)
  • NE Killingsworth Street (42nd to Portland Highway)
  • SE 122nd Avenue (Stark to Powell)
  • SE Stark Street (122nd to 162nd)
  • SW Capitol Highway / 49th Avenue (Barbur to Stephenson)

$5M for new traffic signals and rapid flashing beacons on some of Portland’s most dangerous streets, to increase safety and prevent crashes. 

Priority locations include:

  • E Burnside Street at 24th Avenue
  • NE 114th Avenue at Halsey Street
  • SE 105th Avenue at Stark Street
  • SE 105th Avenue at Washington Street
  • SE César E Chávez Boulevard at Francis Street

$4.5 million to expand Neighborhood Greenways, lower-speed residential streets that connect schools and parks, while providing access to business and transit. Improvements include 20 mph speed limits, painted bike markings, traffic calming features, and safer crossings at busy streets.

Priority locations include:

  • N Delaware Avenue (Willamette to Terry)
  • NE 115th Avenue (Fremont to Sandy)
  • NE Mason / Skidmore (37th to 77th)
  • NE Sacramento / Knott (122nd to 162nd)
  • SE 60s Greenway (Lincoln to Flavel)
  • SW Bertha Boulevard (35th to Barbur)

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