Vote YES on Measure 26-209 to renew our local 10 cent gas tax, and fund street repair, maintenance, and safety projects across Portland. Same tax rate, better streets.

VOTE YES on Measure 26-209 for Street Repair & Maintenance

If renewed, Fixing Our Streets funds would continue to fund repair and maintenance projects that prevent expensive full replacement of worn-out streets.  Proposed projects include: 

  • $25 million dedicated to paving, with a focus on busy and neighborhood street repair and maintenance projects that are less expensive to fix now
  • $13 million would fund pothole, gravel street, and pavement base repair identified as community priorities.

VOTE YES on Measure 26-209 for Safety for Kids, Seniors, and Families

If renewed, Fixing Our Streets funds would continue be invested in safety projects for people driving, biking, and walking in neighborhoods across Portland, including creating safer intersections, reducing vehicle speeds on cut-through routes, retrofitting our existing neighborhood greenways, and making additional safety enhancements to existing projects. Proposed projects and services for targeted investment include:

  • $5 million for traffic signals and crossing beacons
  • $4.5 million for sidewalks, $4.5 million for street lighting, as well as better and safer access to schools, transit, and community services for Portland’s kids, seniors, and families
  • $6 million would fund Safe Routes to Schools projects
  • $4.5 million would expand Neighborhood Greenways
  • $10.5 million would fund basic safety repairs

VOTE YES on Measure 26-209 for the Same Tax Rate

Because this is a proposed renewal, the 10 cent per gallon tax rate would remain the same as it is today. The average Portlander would continue to pay just a few dollars a month.

VOTE YES on Measure 26-209 for Audits & Independent Oversight

The City will continue to annually audit the Fixing Our Streets program. This audit will be shared with the oversight committee and the public. Spending from the program will be overseen by the Fixing Our Streets Oversight Committee representing the many communities with a stake in Portland’s streets and roads.  

Major Papers Recommend a YES Vote on Measure 26-209

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