Vote YES on Measure 26-209 by May 19 to Fix Our Streets

This May, voters in the City of Portland can continue investing in better, safer streets by renewing our 10-cent local gas tax. Over the next four years, this measure would raise an estimated $74.5 million dedicated to:

  • Street maintenance and repair, including $25 million dedicated to paving and $13 million dedicated to pothole, gravel street, and pavement base repair.
  • Safety projects, including $5 million for traffic signals and crossing beacons, $4.5 million for sidewalks, $4.5 million for street lighting, and $6 million for Safe Routes to Schools projects. 

Expenditures are reviewed by the Fixing Our Streets Oversight Committee, and the program is financially audited annually. 

Repair Now, Save Later

Just like maintaining a home or a car, basic maintenance of streets is much less expensive than ignoring problems until things completely break down. Renewing the gas tax helps Portland invest in lower cost maintenance projects, rather than large bills to replace worn-out streets.

Small Investment, Big Return

The average resident pays just a few dollars a month for the Portland gas tax. This is a good value to ensure our streets are well maintained and safer for people driving, biking, and walking.

Safer Streets, Stronger Communities

After many years of underinvestment, Portland fell far behind in street repair and maintenance. The 2016 voter-approved gas tax was a good start to getting caught up. Renewing the gas tax continues that progress, creating better streets so people can get to where they’re going.

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